Take treatment with a vacay to remember

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January 27, 2020
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February 12, 2020
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Take treatment with a vacay to remember

Wondering what is Dental Tourism, here we are to shed lights on the same.

When any one thinks of travelling, vacations or tourism, the very first thought is beautiful city, classy destination, lots of shopping and eating different delicacies, May be near sea or beach or may be hills. But we have yet another kind of tourism idea that is eventually becoming famous day by day. As we know the economy is not in our control and we can’t always afford to get treatment then and there because majorly the treatments are very expensive and when it comes to dental treatment, it burdens our pockets living in foreign country. Therefore, we put forward the concept of Dental tourism where the tourists travel to other countries to seek dental care. Here is everything you should know about the Dental tourism

Reasons for Dental Tourism

People living in foreign countries, sometimes cannot afford the dental treatments in their own countries, so the tourists often travel to other countries where the dental care treatment are comparatively low. Countries like US, UK and countries of Europe believe and rely specifically on their technologies and hence charge a lumpsum amount which is eventually not affordable by everyone in their countries. Hence people choose to take dental care outside the country and also travel along with it.

The reason people afford dental care in India is due to less expensive infrastructure, less expensive yet very standardized treatment methods and procedure that gives efficient results, also the travelling and tourism in India is quite affordable. So, it becomes a boon for the tourist to get their treatment done and get a nice vacation.

Reason of dental tourism being affordable in India

Dental insurance and treatment rates in overall developed nations such as USA, Canada, Australia and UK are way too high as compared to the cost of dental care in India

  • The cost difference from dollar or pound to Indian Rupee gives a big difference amount that is being saved.
  • The dental care quality is of international standards in India compared to most nations.
  • India believes in patients’ safety so infection control becomes a major criterion of standard.
  • The communication is also of ease because all the dentists and staffs are highly trained professionals.
  • There is a perfect management of patients records and the history.
  • We give a whole plan of the trip including travel, tourism and most specifically the dental treatment.

We at Global Dental Centre keep complete transparency about the travel and the treatment, the communication is the key for dental tourism with Global Dental Centre. All the pre-travel and pre-treatment queries are heard and answered and then the schedule is made. Tour manager takes all documents and arranges an appointment for the treatment. The tourist visits the country and undergoes the treatment. After the treatment all the necessary advices are given and then a tour trip is planned for the traveller, even if the traveller leaves the country, the dentist and staff keep in touch to address all the problems and queries.

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