New Year, Take new oral hygiene resolutions

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December 26, 2019
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January 27, 2020
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New Year, Take new oral hygiene resolutions

We are towards the end of a decade, 2019 ending is not just a year end, but it is also the end of a decade. With changing year and decades, every thing changes, people move towards growth and advancements and so does medical field. The medicines have grown with the advancing technologies and treatments. When we talk about oral hygiene, people have become more careful and concerned about their oral health issues and the proper treatment that they need. With Growing consumption of fast food and junk food, people tend to develop dental issues that adversely affect the whole body.

This new year, let us understand the importance of oral health and getting proper treatment on time rather then waiting for the issue to get more severe. We will also learn about the most important tips and tricks to keep the oral hygiene in place.

Importance of oral hygiene

One must know that overall health depends a lot on the oral health. To be safe from numerous health problems, practice of a better oral hygiene is very important. We teach our children to brush daily but as matter of fact, no matter what the age is good oral hygiene practice is must to keep the other diseases away. Some of the basic practices include, regular brushing, regular flossing, timely visits to dentists and keeping an eye on what one should eat and in what quantity, these all factors generally impact the oral health and in-turn overall health.

The infections that start from gum can lead to heart because the bacteria in gums can reach heart and cause blockage in arteries or even a heart attack. Many times, some gum infections have turned hazard for pregnant women because it results in premature birth or low weight during birth. The people who suffer from diabetes are most likely to get infected because of low immunity, one can also get stomach ulcers due to bad oral hygiene. To avoid all such conditions everyone needs to improve their oral hygiene practices.

Best practices for good oral health

Morning brush and floss is a regular part of our daily chore. Let us know more tips to keep our dental health in place.

  1. No Good night without brushing your teeth with a pretty night, brushing teeth at night is also important.
  2. One should brush properly and not just for the sake of it, brushing properly means covering every tooth perfectly.
  3. Never neglect Tongue, it is also an important part of your oral health, one should keep the tongue clean.
  4. Your toothpaste must have fluorides, whatever flavour you want to choose but choose your toothpaste wisely.
  5. Flossing is not a once in week practice, it should be given equal importance as given to brushing.
  6. In the beginning, flossing can be difficult but do not let it stop you, look for the tools that can help you in flossing.
  7. Mouthwashes are not just some fancy product, they actually are really helpful, one should consider using this.
  8. Drinking water is never bad, it helps in every situation, try some to resolve your dental issue, drink more and more water.
  9. Eating good, fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetable is always best, try incorporating them in your diet.
  10. Limit the amount of sugar and soda drinks in your diet, so that it doesn’t result in enamel erosions.
  11. Regular dentist visit is not a shame, visit your dentist quiet often and take advices from them.

We at Global Dental Centre believe in utmost care and transparency towards your dental issues, we suggest the best of practices to maintain the oral health and when needed, we suggest the treatment for the issue, to address your issue, give a visit to Global Dental Centre.
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