Let us teach our Children about dental care

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January 6, 2020
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Let us teach our Children about dental care

Dental health has no age, every age needs protection and care. But if you start taking care from childhood it becomes a habit. Good dental care of the child’s dental cavity including Gums and teeth involves brushing and rinsing regularly to avoid any decay or any sort of problem. It also includes getting dental check-ups in regular intervals, and getting needed treatments starting from fluoride, whitening, dental implants, extraction, braces or Dental crowns to keep the alignment intact.

Impacts of poor dental care

We already know overall health depends on our dental health so it is very necessary for a child to have his teeth and gum properly taken care of. Accidentally injured, decayed or rotten, abnormal growth or underdeveloped teeth can result in:

  • Poor nutrition reach to the body
  • Painful and hazardous infections that might result in serious issues
  • Problems in speaking
  • Low self-confidence

Teaching good habits

Want to protect your child’s teeth, teach your children good dental habits. Children learn from what they see, help them see the benefits of good oral health and they will incorporate in their daily routine. Even if the child understands oral health, still he might need the parents to assist and make him understand that brushing and flossing is necessary part of daily oral routine. The child needs you to assist so that all the bacteria, the plaque and the deposit that might result in decayed is removed properly and health is maintained. The child might not know why he has pain or white spots, parents need to keep an eye on that too.

Tips of making oral hygiene fun

  • Brushing is very important, but let the children choose their own tooth brush only concern should be that the bristles should be soft, they can select anyone which has their favourite colour, pattern or character.
  • Let your child choose his own toothpaste with whatever flavour they like, just take care that the toothpaste has all the important elements.
  • Tell them stories that relates to dental hygiene, make them watch movies or read books that relates to dental hygiene.
  • Keep up the competitive spirit, keep a timer and somehow make your child brush for at least 2 minutes, if needed play their favourite song.
  • Give rewards of good dental health which is healthy but also fascinating, do not include sugary stuff as rewards.
  • Plan a dental visit with a fun trip to their favourite place, so they keep waiting for the day and do not backout.

We at Global Dental Centre strive towards good Dental health from an early age.
We provide Pedodontics treatments for overall oral health care that sums up the following:

  • An overall dental check-up to do risk assessment and diagnose adversities in both child and mother, if anything is carried from mother.
  • We share preserving tips including cleaning and fluoride treatment to avoid any further decay or deterioration due to any disease in dental cavity.
  • Global Dental Centre gives advices on the child habits like thumb sucking, saliva dropping and teeth rubbing or bleeding gums.
  • We also provide early diagnosis of teeth adjustments through dental crowns, bridges and braces and after some injury we also provide dental implants, we also colourful tooth fillings for children.
  • We specialize in dental treatments for tooth decay or cavity.
  • We diagnose oral health risks or diseases that can eventually relate to bigger hazards in overall health including diabetes, heart attacks and other severe diseases.
  • We provide treatments for gum diseases including the teeth diseases.
  • We take care of all dental injuries by giving proper treatment of the same.

We at Global Dental Centre believe in utmost care and transparency towards your dental issues, we suggest the best of practices to maintain oral health and when needed, we suggest the treatment for the issue, to address your issue, give a visit to Global Dental Centre.
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