Leave the gummy smiles behind

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February 7, 2020
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Leave the gummy smiles behind

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If you are missing teeth or even a single missing tooth, you have several options to restore your precious smile.

A smile is most impressive gesture of first impression, Now Imagine having a gummy smile, Got sad or disappointed? While the gums are the most important part of the mouth, but one does not want to show their gums, every time they smile.  This phenomenon where your gums become prominent part of your smile is basically termed as “gummy smile,” some people have bigger and extra gum tissue that is seen whenever they laugh, grin or even smile. Although it’s not always an emergency issue but it eventually becomes part of appearance and because of which, people with a gummy smile feel less confident about their smiles. In the modern culture of sharing selfies and taking photographs with friends and sharing them over social media platforms like Instagram, no one can afford to have a smile that makes them feel less confident. If you can connect to any of the problems and do not want a gummy smile, you should know that there are many dental treatments and processes that can help you eradicate gummy smiles. It actually does not matter whether you got gummy smiles, due to accident or excessive tissues or may be just because of lip alignment, if you will to talk to our experts, we at Global Dental Centre will find the solution to it.



. There are a number of reasons because of which you might have gummy smile, however, the most known ones are:

·        The teeth case seems to be less shown, may be because its covered with gum tissues or may be some accident took place that forced the tooth in.

·        You might genetically have smaller teeth

·        A smaller upper lip can result in gummy smile too.

·        Upper lip alignment problem while smiling can also be one of the reasons

·        Gingival hypertrophy (overgrowth) can also be one of the reasons for gummy smiles.

·        One might have overgrown upper jaw case genetically or it might have happened due to injury can also lead to excessive gum show.


Majorly, the causes of gummy smiles involve teeth, lips, jaws or gums themselves which also are known to be the major components of your smile. Any alterations in any of these might resolve the issue and give you your healthy and not so gummy smile back.


Treatment options to cure GUMMY SMILE?

Before treating any issue regarding any body part, one needs to know the symptoms, causes and allergies; Here also for treating gummy smiles one needs to know the causes among the causes noted above, since the cause can be different from person to person, the treatment will also be different. The treatments also depend on symptoms, allergies and severity of the condition. A few common treatments are:

·      Lip repositioning:  It is a part of cosmetic dentistry, lips can be aligned and adjusted according to persons wish which can result in less exposure of gums, there are also lip fillers that are helpful.

·      Laser treatment. If the gum tissue is a problem, if it is excess or larger in proportion, laser treatment is the best and you can get your desired smile back.

·      Braces. If teeth are somehow the problem of gummy smile, one can use braces and veneers to make changes and get the proper desired smile.

·      Surgery. Surgery is generally the last option, which needs to be thought out because here the bones to which teeth are attached is sculpted to give proper place to teeth and gum to avoid gummy smile.


These are the most common treatments for the gummy smiles, there are some other restorative dental procedure that come in after full diagnosis and understandings.


Our staff of dental experts and professionals at Global Dental Centre put in their every kind of time and effort to help the patient, they take a proper understanding of their problems and the symptoms before starting any kind of treatment, be it laser treatment or orthodontic surgery. Once the patient chooses the kind of treatment, we make proper procedure and plan that benefits and give desired results. We believe in communication and understanding, we let you know the plan of action and how the treatment is going to work for a transparent procedure. So, If you need to leave behind the gummy smiles and feel confident, you can get in touch with us by visiting: https://www.globaldentalcentre.org/

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