At Global dental Centre we understand that keeping your teeth cavity-free can be simple. To achieve this goal it is important to learn how to brush and floss your teeth correctly from an early age.
In addition, We recommend getting prophylactic teeth cleaning at least twice a year to make sure that food deposits and plaque buildup on the teeth are removed efficiently. With a good cleaning in the office and healthy oral habits at home, you will have a beautiful, healthy smile.


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Teeth Polishing is a dental procedure that aims to give whiter and shinier teeth

What takes place at the cleaning appointment?

We offer teeth cleaning and polishing for children too.At the prophylaxis appointment, the teeth are cleaned using an electric prophy brush and special toothpaste. For older children, an ultrasonic scaler is used to remove calculus. Sometimes hand instruments are used to get to hard to reach places. During the cleaning appointment, fluoride treatment can also be done to strengthen the enamel of the teeth. If a fluoride varnish is used,you can eat right away but are we advise to stay away from hot foods or carbonated drinks, like soda. If a fluoride foam is used, you are asked not to eat or drink for at least thirty minutes. Although the chewing surfaces may feel sticky, it is important not to brush off the fluoride. The longer the fluoride is on the teeth, the more effective it will be in strengthening the teeth.

Why teeth cleaning appointments are important?

Dental cleanings at least twice a year is a great preventive measure that can keep the oral disease at bay. We will be able to detect early signs of problems that could lead to more serious and more expensive treatments in the future. Thus helping you save a lot of health issues and money.We at Global Dental Centre offers you the best and most affordable range of teeth whitening and polishing services in Indore.

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